Anti-Substance Abuse Policy

Anti-Substance Abuse Policy

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment, we at Ocean Maxwell, strongly advocate and are committed to maintaining a no-alcohol, no-drugs ban at our or our clients’ workplaces.

OM takes this issue very seriously and it is important for employees to understand that this policy applies to all employees of the company, without exception, including project employed consultants and sub-contractors providing consultancy services in our client’s offices, sites and offshore installations.

No employee/consultant is permitted to consume, possess, sell, transfer, or purchase alcohol, illegal drugs, narcotics or controlled substances, while on the job, in company vehicles, or on company property.  Involvement in such activities constitutes grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Any prohibited substances found will also be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and may result in criminal prosecution in addition to any disciplinary actions imposed by the company.  Acceptable uses of drugs include non-performance affecting "over-the-counter" medications and those substances that have been prescribed by a licensed physician.

Any employee/consultant who is under prescribed medication but who may be in any way impaired by its side effects must report its use to his/her supervisor immediately.

OM will not tolerate any employee/consultant who reports for duty while impaired by, or is under the influence of, alcoholic beverages or drugs.  Employees/consultants who work under the influence of an illegal substance are considered to be a threat to the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and the public.

All employees/consultants have a duty to report any evidence of alcohol or drug abuse to a supervisor immediately.  Failure to report, especially in cases where the illegal substance poses an immediate threat to that individual, his/her coworkers or the public, may result in disciplinary action for the non-reporting employee.

It is also, however, the policy of OM to assist employees/consultants and their family members who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse.  Employees, with appropriate approval, may be eligible for medical leaves of absence in such cases.