Ethical Code of Conduct

​​​​​​Ethical Code of Conduct

Employees and consultants in Ocean Maxwell (OM) are required to familiarize themselves with and follow our ethical guidelines as follows:

Bribery / corruption
We should not, function as a whole or individuals, under any circumstances, attempt to influence anyone in the execution of their duties (including third party obligations) by giving them an unfair advantage. It is sufficient that a request or an offer of an improper advantage is submitted that the matter should be illegal. Similarly, we should not let ourselves be influenced in the opposite direction.

Gifts, hospitality and expenses
We, our representatives or other closely related to us will not, directly or indirectly accept gifts, except for commercial items a minimal value and would normally have the company logo.  Hospitality in the form of social gatherings, meals and entertainment may be offered / received if it is clearly related to business, but the costs must be kept within reasonable limits. Travel, accommodation or other expenses for persons representing OM will always be covered by OM.  Hospitality, expenses, gifts or other benefits shall not be offered or received in situations such as contract tendering, evaluation or award.

Conflicts of Interest
We will under no circumstances take part in or seek to influence any decision that may induce a significant conflict of interest. Such circumstances may be of commercial interest or a personal interest in the matter - economic or otherwise - directly or through close family members. If we discover a possible conflict of interest, we will immediately notify the appropriate parties.

Forced labor
We will not engage or employ persons against their will, and personnel will not be required to submit identification papers at the start of work.

Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining
Employees of OM has the right to choose whether they want to be in a union or not, and to be represented in the collective bargaining agreement. In countries where these rights are limited, our employees still have the right to influence their work situation.

Working agreements
We comply with local laws and agreements with regard to working hours.

Salaries to our employees, project staff and contracted personnel should be fair and as a minimum according to the Agency directive.

Staffing Practices
We must treat the employees and contractors equally and fairly. We will not accept any form of harassment or discrimination.

When applicable we shall work in accordance with approved international environmental agreements and seek continuous improvement. Where appropriate, we will comply with national environmental legislation and emissions permits. Where appropriate we will work to achieve energy efficiency and minimize harmful emissions, emissions and waste production in a life cycle perspective. .

Health and safety
We will seriously work for safe and healthy working conditions and safety, and follow accepted international laws, regulations and practices in the health and safety.

Standard to business partners, agents, intermediaries and suppliers
We will promote potential business partners, agents, intermediaries and suppliers that they introduce the same principles as mentioned in this Code.

Ethical guidelines at The Client
For assignments for a Client, our employees and consultants are obliged also to familiarize themselves with and follow the ethical guidelines prepared by the Client.