Quality Policy

​​​​​​Quality Policy

Ocean Maxwell (OM) is committed to providing high competent independent consultants with focus on sustainable and safe performance on projects worldwide creating value for our company, our clients and our employees.

We achieve this by:
- Facilitating our value program CARE:
- Promoting an understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations, together with a culture of exceeding client expectations.
- Developing seamless and efficient processes by fully integrating the services provided by our consultants and partners.
- Following our Ethical Code of Conduct, HSE standards and comply with regulatory requirements.
- Demonstrating social responsibility and ethical trading.
- Monitoring our performance through performance metrics in order to continually improve our processes and services.
- Utilizing our ISO 9001 quality management system for all company processes everywhere, every time, without exception.

The benefits we see for OM:
- Long-term contractor relationship with clients
- Employees and consultants are more confident, better motivated and more productive
- Employees and consultants may stay longer, reducing the cost and disruption of recruitment and retraining for both OM and our clients
- A good reputation makes it easier to recruit employees and consultants
- CSR helps ensure we comply with regulatory requirements
- Good relationship with local authorities make doing business easier
- Understanding the wider impact of our business can help us develop new products and services

We believe that all of the above will make our business more competitive and therefore more successful.